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Falcon Primary Students collect food for charity

During the autumn term as part of Citizenship lessons the Falcon primary students studied aspects of personal and social responsibility. As the culmination of the topics’ focus, shortly before Christmas, we contacted Alkionides Charity (http://www.alkionides.org/cy/index.htm) who helped identify local families in severe need of food. The primary students and their families donated food and drinks which were sorted and then shared between food boxes. While the older students organised and packed the boxes, the younger children made decorations and Christmas cards to decorate the boxes.

Eurofresh Ltd., a fruit and vegetable importing company supported the initiative by generously donating two crates of fruit and vegetables for each family. On Tuesday 21st December, 17 families facing hardship, collected their gifts, and were touched by the students’ efforts and generosity.

Thank you to everyone who supported this project, and especially those students and teachers who gave up their time after school, to help organise the gifts.

Packing up the gift boxes Making and sticking the gift labels


P5 Visit to Chirokitia Paleolithic Settlement

The children of P5 visited Chirokitia to see firsthand the settlement which they have been studying in History. There was the opportunity to see the remains of the original dwellings as well as the reconstructions of what the houses must have been like. 

November 2010

Falcon students participated in the Grammar School Interschool Swimming Competition, winning medals in a number of events.


Team Falcon: Doris Christofides, Marina Mackinder, Sarah John, Andrea Alexandrou, Andrea Evgeniou, Tim Ikramov

17 November 2010
Kindergarten visit the Olive Press

As part of their introduction to Literacy, KG explored the letter O and plenty of other interesting things at a local Olive Press, before returning to school to draw and talk about their experiences.

Many thanks are owed to Mrs Markides for her hospitality and kindness.

collecting pine cones.JPG

learning about birds.JPG

Collecting pine cones Learning about birds

enjoying Mrs Markides' baking.JPG

snacktime 1.JPG

Enjoying Mrs Markides’ baking Snacktime

November 2010


We are proud to celebrate the outstanding achievement of our students in the Edexcel GCSE, O-level and A-level examinations this year.

Yiannos Vakis received High Achiever Awards in 4 subjects: Art, Chemistry, Economics and Physics
Gabriel Pavlides received High Achiever Awards in 2 subjects: Art and Geography
George Santis received High Achiever Awards in 2 subjects: English Literature and Spanish
Stephanie Agathangelou received a High Achiever Award in Mathematics
Michalis Ioannou received a High Achiever Award in English Literature
Ioanna Yiallourides received a High Achiever Award in Biology

Anastasia Galicheva, who has now graduated and is studying Architecture in the UK, received the Edexcel High Achiever Award for A level Fine Art

8th October 2010


Falcon School students and staff participated in the annual sponsored swim in aid of charity. A number of swimmers completed more than 100 lengths of the 25m pool, raising considerable sums for the school’s Charity Fund which supports a number of worthy causes.

Senior students, who were not swimming themselves, contributed by recording the lengths completed, while the Parents’ Committee offered their assistance by providing refreshments.

15th October 2010


Organised by the Students’ Council, Friday’s football tournament brought together teams of all ages in a competitive, but sportsmanlike knockout.

All teams played with commitment and skill, following a punishing schedule of consecutive matches. The younger teams proved that they have a number of highly skilled, budding players, but eventually it was an experienced team of fifth formers who finally emerged victorious.

September 2010





24th September 2010


First break on the last Friday of the month is the chance for all our talented students to show their musical abilities in the Open-air Amphitheatre.

Jason Georgiades (vocals), Atef Bseiso (bass guitar), Alexander Stassis (acoustic guitar), and Andreas Tofarides (acoustic guitar) performed covers of Coldplay, Pearl Jam, and the Stereophonics in a twenty minute set which was convincing proof that Falcon students definitely have talent.

The audience of students and teachers were unanimous that this is a welcome and enjoyable addition to the School’s monthly calendar.


The Band: Atef, Alexander, Jason, Andreas

24th September 2010


After a week’s canvassing and campaigning, which produced some imaginative and impressive posters and slogans, the two candidates for President of the Students’ Council had the opportunity to make their election speeches to the Secondary students.

George Chrysostomou was first on the hustings and made a well-reasoned case for his candidacy. He was followed by his rival, Antonis Hadjipittas, who appealed to the emotions of the audience with an impassioned speech. Both candidates were well received, and the students retired to their form rooms for a secret ballot.

After the votes had been counted, the School had chosen its Student Council President for 2010-11: Antonis Hadjipittas.

2nd – 5th September
4th National Session of the Cyprus European Youth Parliament

A delegation of 7 of our students went to the recent Cyprus National Session of the EYP, which was held in Larnaca at the Livadia Lyceum. Another 4 Falcon students served as organizers, responsible for setting up and running the session. The journalist team for the session included 4 Falcon students, who produced lively conference newspapers throughout the session.

All the Falcon delegates were actively and enthusiastically involved in the many events of the session, especially the musical entertainments which were dominated by Falcon talents, not only in singing ad playing, but also in organising and presenting the event.

The plenary session on the final day gave all the Falcon delegates the opportunity to demonstrate their impressive public speaking skills and ability to think on their feet in responding to the cut and thrust of open debate.

The 4th National Session of EYP Cyprus was highly successful, and enjoyed by all our participating students.


Markos Georgiades, Katerina Efstathiou, Nick Theodoulou, Michalis Ioannou, Jason Georgiades, Andreas Chrysiliou, Nataly Papadakis

Susannah Karatzia, Gabriel Pavlides, George Santis, Arianna Yiallouridou

Aaron Coatsworth, Dimi Kolovopoulos, Yiannos Vakis, Ioanna Yiallouridou  

EYP Frankfurt

Earlier this summer, another Falcon delegation was invited as veterans of previous EYP International sessions to attend the International EYP session in Frankfurt.

Once again, our students were active in contributing to the overall success of the session. Delegates participated in the debating and public speaking, while one of our musicians made an impression on the International audience with a rendition of the Cypriot Wedding Song at the EuroConcert event.

19 August 2010


Edexcel GCE Results

At GCE O level, Falcon students achieved an overall pass rate of 97%.
65% of passes were at grade A or B (Note that Edexcel does not award A* grades at GCE O level).

At GCE Advanced Subsidiary level (AS), Falcon students achieved an overall pass rate of 95%.
62% of passes were A and B grades (Note that Edexcel does not award A* grades at GCE AS level).

At GCE Advanced level, Falcon students achieved an overall pass rate of 99%.
88% of subjects were passed at grades A*, A or B. (Note that this year is the first time that the new A* grade has been awarded at A level).

The School would like to extend to all students warmest congratulations on such excellent results.

Students can collect their results from the School in person, or by telephone.

GCSE and IGCSE results will be available on Thursday 26 August.


The Falcon School Primary Department celebrated its last day of the school year with an assembly in the outdoor amphitheatre. Each class presented a brief entertainment, before prizes for achievement were awarded for sports and academic success.

There was also the opportunity for the School to bid farewell to Mrs Damaskinos, who retires this year after many years of dedicated work in the Infants department.

The Falcon School Graduates of 2010 celebrated their last time as school students on the evening of 25th June.

Mr Nicos Tornaritis was the guest of honour at the Graduation ceremony which was held at the European University’s cultural centre owing to the renovation of the school’s theatre. Prizes for achievement in sports, the Arts and academic study were awarded, and the successes of the year were celebrated, but the highlight of the evening was, of course, the presentation of leaving certificates to the graduates.

The School wishes all the leavers of 2010 the very best for their futures, whether they will be going on to University in the autumn, or whether they will be serving in the Cyprus National Guard.

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