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7 Falcon School students represented Cyprus at the European Youth Parliament Conference in Sweden from 5th – 10th April. They participated in a full schedule of team-building, resolution writing and debating activities during the busy days of the Conference, while the evenings were taken up with social activities and the popular Eurovillage. Each country’s delegation prepares a presentation about their own culture for this activity. The Falcon students performed a Greek dance and rendition of the Wedding Song, and prepared a display of Cypriot cuisine.

The Falcon delegates: Yiannos Vakis; Andreas Chrysiliou; Gabriel Pavlides; Michalis Ioannou; Jason Georgiades; Markos Georgiades; Katerina Efstathiou

Falcon School students and staff participated in the 11th Strovolos Run on 25th March 2011. Four of our runners received special awards for their achievement.

6th and 7th Form Biology Field Trip to Kritou Terra

The AS and A2 Biology sets spent an active and intense 3 days in Kritou Terra with their teachers from 18th – 20th February. They carried out fieldwork projects related to the AS/A level syllabus, enjoying a combination of hard work, good weather and great fun.

MediMUN 2011

Could terrorism be prevented through better International cooperation? How can we deal with the 21st century plague of Globalisation? Can India and Pakistan work together on the issues regarding the Kashmir region?

These are only some of the issues faced by the Falcon School's delegates in the 6th annual Session of the Mediterranean Model United Nations (MEDI.M.U.N) on the 11-13th of February.

During this simulation of the United Nations, the delegates represented their assigned countries' views in an effort to find internationally accepted solutions to crucial current issues. They actively engaged in allying with countries with similar policies, creating innovative resolutions and debating them.

In the General Assemblies, many Falcon delegates acted as main-submitters, giving speeches to present and defend a resolution drafted by a number of countries, whilst others delivered passionate attack speeches on resolutions which opposed their own country's policy. Moreover, the delegates took an active part in the lively debates, posed analytical questions to politicians and expert speakers, and gave speeches during Plenary Session.

MEDI.M.U.N was a truly rewarding academic and social experience for the participants, not only because they gained a better understanding of pressing International issues and the workings of the U.N. Organisation, but also because they improved their cooperation and communication skills through negotiating with delegates from other schools and through the rare and invaluable opportunity to address, motivate and persuade an audience.

By Yiannos Vakis


Delegates: Andrea Demosthenous, Gabriel Pavlides, Yiannos Vakis, Michalis Ioannou, Dimi Kolovopoulos, George Santis, Dina Alawneh, Arriana Yiallourides, Ioanna Yiallourides, Helena Pierides, Katerina Christopoulos, Nick Theodoulou, Sebastian Hawley, Emilia Hadjiconstantinou.

Chair of the Security Council: Jason Georgiades

Trainers: Yiannos Vakis, Gabriel Pavlides, Andria Demosthenous

3rd Year History Visit to Old Nicosia

All our 3rd Year students visited the historic streets of Old Nicosia as part of a joint project between the History and English departments.

From a historical perspective, students explored primary and secondary sources, visiting the Hadjigeorgakis house, researching the lifestyle and history of a bygone age. The findings of their research will be used in a creative writing project in English lessons.


Falcon Students Win Awards in Grammar School Annual Creative Writing Competition

Two Falcon students won prizes in the Grammar School’s creative writing competition. Atef Bseiso, who graduates this year, won First Prize for his short story entry, while Tim Ikramov of Form 3, received a commendation for his writing.

The competition, which attracts entries from schools all over the island, is an annual event. The Falcon School is very proud that our students continue to participate and achieve so highly each year.

Atef Bseiso
Tim Ikramov

World Book Day 2011

The Falcon School celebrated World Book Day 2011 with a number of events during the week. Teachers and students shared their favourite books during Form periods and lessons during the week, and visited the highly popular book exhibitions throughout Thursday and Friday. Our grateful thanks go to Academic and General bookshop of Larnaca for their continuing support of reading at the Falcon School.

Friday also saw the Primary students dressing up as favourite characters from novels, while the 6th and 7th form students of the Secondary Department had the opportunity to meet Elmos Konis whose novel Magnette, A Cyprus Odyssey was published last year. Dr Konis gave a interesting presentation about his novel and the writing process, and was able to answer students’ questions about being a writer.

World Book Day and the events at the Falcon are important to us as a School, since they emphasise our commitment to a culture of reading for all our students from the youngest in Kindergarten to those about to leave the 7th Form and go on to Higher Education.

KG visit the Post Office Letter Sorting Centre

On Wednesday 9th February, KG class visited the Post Office Letter Sorting Centre.

The trip was organised to support the recent KG class work on letter writing and the postal service. This was undertaken as part of the focus in the learning area of ‘Knowledge and Understanding of the World’. At the Sorting Centre the children were given a tour of the Centre where they were able to met and talk with the postal employees and see the modern machinery and facilities.

The children were especially impressed with the letter sorting machines and computers involved in the sorting process

After working hard and helping the postal employees to empty the sacks of express parcels the children took a well deserved rest and enjoyed the hospitality of the centre with a refreshing drink of lemon squash.

There, the children were surprised when Mr. Andreas distributed letters from their parents which had been written in advance of the trip without the children’s knowledge.

The following day the children made their Valentine’s Day cards for their parents. Later they walked to the nearby post box with their teachers, to post their cards. In this way they experienced the complete journey of a letter.

It was a memorable experience!


21st January 2011
The US Ambassador, HE Mr Frank C. Urbancic, visited the School to address 5th and 6th form students concerning studying in the United States. He was accompanied by the Fulbright Centre’s representative, Ms Anna Argyrou, and a graduate from New York University, Ms Eliza Markidou.

The Ambassador encouraged students to consider higher education in the US for its flexibility and the opportunities afforded by a large diverse country. Ms Markidou echoed the Ambassador’s views and gave a personal account of her experiences as a Cypriot student studying abroad. Ms Argyrou was able to give details of the procedure concerning making applications to US universities.

There was an added surprise for Falcon students and staff, since the visitors were accompanied by a former student of the Falcon School, who graduated in June 2000. Nectarios Paisios is one of the Falcon’s most fondly remembered students, for his fortitude, academic ability, and dedication to his studies. He has been studying Computer Science, in Cyprus and in the US, and is at present completing his doctorate at NYU, having won a prestigious scholarship.

Nektarios briefly addressed the students, remembering with affection his time at the School, and persuading his audience that there is no such thing as luck, just determination and hard work to get you where you want to go.


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