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Summer School 2016

Charity Assembly – Ev Zw

Our Primary children welcomed the Ev Zw charity to assembly to hear about the work they do providing wheelchairs by recycling plastic bottle tops. Falcon students collect many thousands of bottle caps every year in order to help the work done by Ev Zw.

Little Chefs Club

Our Primary Little Chefs have been very busy baking autumnal treats for their teachers, family and friends! Then they write up the recipe in their Recipe Books!

Primary Water Sports Club

Our Primary Water Sports are taking every opportunity to use the pool this season, and having a wonderful time!

Trip to CyHerbia by Falcon School Students, 26 May 2015

Falcon School Graduation 2015

The Graduating class of the Falcon School said farewell to their teachers and friends on the evening of Wednesday 24th June 2015. Some of the students are waiting to take up places at prestigious universities around the world, while others are preparing to join the army for their 2 year National Service.

The ceremony, which is always a high point of the school year, featured music written and performed by students, as well as Prize-giving for Academic Excellence and Sports. The Director and Head of School addressed the students, before the presentation of School Leaving Certificates (Apolytiria) to the graduates by the Deputy Mayor of Strovolos, Mr Andreas Papacharalambous.


Graduation Ceremony 2015

Primary Futsal Success

Our Primary Boys and Girls Futsal teams participated in a recent InterSchools Futsal Tournament, enjoying an unbeaten record and winning silver in both their competitions. Congratulations to all the young footballers who took part!


Falcon Students Collect Bottle Caps for Charity

A huge number of bottle caps from milk cartons, water bottles and other containers were collected for charity recently by students from all over our School. Proceeds from the collection will go towards providing wheelchairs for neurology patients.

Falcon Students represent Cyprus at International EYP conference

A group of our 5th and 6th form students were selected by the European Youth Parliament National Committee to represent Cyprus at the most recent international conference of the EYP.

They participated in 10 extremely busy days of debate and discussion about current affairs before returning to Cyprus to start their IGCSE and AS level examinations.

Falcon Students Visit London 

20 students and 2 teachers spent 5 busy days in London this term. The students, who are all studying Literature, Music or both, visited theatres, museums and saw some of the sights of London. They were also invited to two London Universities for a tour of the campus. Although there was a packed programme of organised activities (3 theatre performances, tours of the Royal Albert Hall, the Globe Theatre, the Royal Schools of Music, visits to UCL and Imperial), there was still time for shopping in Oxford Street.

Falcon Biologists Visit Kritou Terra
Our 6th and 7th Form Biologists, who are preparing for their AS and A2 exams in June, spent a weekend studying the landscape and environment of the Paphos region as part of their fieldwork. They worked at the Kritou Terra Environmental Centre, taking part in a number of practical activities in a variety of settings.


Senior Girls Football Interflight

1st Peregrine
2nd Kestrel
3rd Merlin

Falcon Primary Choir Sing at the Mall of Cyprus

Our wonderful Primary singers and their teachers made us all very proud when they visited the Mall of Cyprus to entertain the Christmas shoppers. This has been a very busy time for Falcon musicians – we have had the Christmas play, another concert in the centre of Nicosia to entertain families at the Christmas fairground, while a group of Secondary Department close harmony singers were invited to sing at the Edexcel High Achiever Awards in Limassol.

Junior InterFlights: Football 

Junior Girls

1st Peregrine
2nd Kestrel
3rd Merlin

Junior Boys

1st Merlin
2nd Peregrine
3rd Kestrel

Primary Interschool Basketball Tournament – December 2013

The Falcon Primary Department played against 3 other schools in a morning of excellent competition and good funon the Basketball courts. The Falcon’s cheer leading squad set a high standard with their sequences, and the skills of the players were just as fine.

3-on-3 Interschool Basketball Tournament – December 2013

We hosted a number of local private schools for a morning’s intense competition on the Basketball courts. Our 6 schools played against each other with enthusiasm and sportsmanship in the boys’ and the girls’ competitions.

The Falcon School’s Alkim Eyyam triumphed in the 3 point competition.

The Grammar School won the Boys competition, while the GC School won the Girls.

Junior Girls Basketball Interflight

1st Peregrine

2nd Kestrel

3rd Merlin

IGCSE English Language EYP Simulation

As part of the English Language curriculum, our fifth form take part in an EYP (European Youth Parliament) simulation during their English lessons, engaging in various life-learning skills. This year, the CYP project (Cyprus Youth sPeaks) included topics such as sex education, young entrepreneurs and women at work.

To celebrate the students’ achievement parents are invited to an Inter-School debate, which will take place on the 14th of December, at the GC School of Careers, from 3-6pm. Other participating schools include: The GC School of Careers, The English School and The Forum. It will be an opportunity to actively witness some of the skills students gain when participating in EYP activities.

EcoSchools – Cub Scout Sponsored Walk 

Primary and Secondary students collaborated again this autumn for the EcoSponsored Walk in Athalassa. Although the morning began in mist and rain, participating walkers were not deterred and, after a late start, there was a good turnout of students, teachers and parents. All the money raised will go to help animal charities.

Some of the EcoSchools/Cub Scouts Sponsored Walkers

Children’s Rights Conference 2013 

As part of our aim to extend their experiences and accomplishments beyond the classroom, the Falcon School actively promotes students’ participation in various events. Thus, as every year, students participated in the annual event for children’s rights, organized by the Committee for the Protection and Welfare of Children. This year, the students had the opportunity to express their opinions concerning the financial crisis in Cyprus. After a fruitful discussion between them, children concluded that only the ethical values provided via education – instead of economic power – will help us to overcome the crisis and the social problems.

Early Years PE Programme 

Our Early Years children have been exploring their physical environment in PE.

Psychomotor Development:

1) Spatial awareness: under, over
2) Balance: static, dynamic, object control

Junior Boys Basketball Interflight 

1st place Merlin; 2nd place Peregrine; 3rd place Kestrel

Primary French Assembly 

Our Primary children demonstrated their linguistic skills in the French Department’s Assembly on the theme of “Autumn”.

Primary Rehearsals for the Christmas Play 

Rehearsals are well under way for the Christmas Play “Cinderella and Rockerfella” which will be presented at the School for the Blind on 13th December at 5.00pm

Senior Boys Volleyball InterFlight 

Results: 1st Merlin; 2nd Kestrel; 3rd Peregrine

European Youth Parliament Project in Schools

The Falcon School has participated in the European Youth Parliament (EYP) since its beginning in Cyprus, offering our students a valuable opportunity for political debate, intercultural encounters, political education and exchange of ideas among young people in Europe.

Falcon has integrated EYP work and skills into the English curriculum for Secondary 5. In addition, as part of the promotion of EYP in schools, a ‘Project in Schools’ is promoted by EYP Cyprus, as well as the regional and national forums held during the year.

This year, our school is involved in an EYP Project in Schools called: ‘Disillusioned Citizens: The Lost Generation’. This is a project undertaken in conjunction with 3 other schools, (English School, GC School, Forum School), which will lead to an Inter-School General Assembly Debate on Saturday 14th December 2013, in the afternoon, at the GC School. The debates will centre around topics of importance for young people in Cyprus and branching out into Europe.

We look forward to lively and interesting debates! The resolutions that pass our Inter-School General Assembly will be read out in the Cyprus Parliament, as an indication of young people’s views on the topics discussed.

P5 visit Khirokitia Neolithic Site 

Primary Five visited the Neolithic site of Khirokitia. They even tried their hands at using a stone hand mill from the Stone Age.

Falcon Early Years at work and play 

Over in our Early Years classrooms, activity is just as intense as elsewhere in the School. But, because the main participants are much smaller than the rest, they can get overlooked …. Here is a taste of all the wonderful things KG and PR get up to.

Secondary Junior Boys Volleyball Interflight Competition

The Junior Boys Volleyball Interflight Competition was won by Peregrine, with Kestrel in 2nd place and Merlin 3rd.

Primary 2 “Challenges” Assembly

The children of P2 set themselves challenges over the past few weeks. They practised new skills and finally demonstrated what they had achieved in their Friday assembly. It was a proud moment when they could say “I did it!”


MediMUN 2014

The Falcon delegations to MediMUN 2014 participated in the preliminary training session on Saturday 16th November. All our students were exceptionally professional in their involvement, commitment and appearance, as they prepared to debate important issues in a simulation of the United Nations, representing the countries, France, Chile, Greece and Iran.

They are now looking forward to (and working very hard for) the MediMUN Conference in February.

Primary Reception Class – My Body 

PR have been learning about the human body recently, and recreated their own bodies with card and colours!

6th and 7th Form visit to National Theatre Live

Falcon School 6th and 7th Form Literature students, with their teachers, went to see the UK’s National Theatre Company’s performance of “Macbeth”.

This was a fantastic opportunity to see a professional company perform one of the set texts which the students study as part of their AS level coursework. The production was unusual, staged in a disused Church in Manchester, and has given our students lots to think about as they consider how to approach their 2,500 word coursework assignments.

Primary Watersports at Dhekelia 

Our intrepid Watersports Club travelled to Dhekelia to take to the open seas in canoes under the watchful eyes of their teachers. It was a great opportunity to use the skills practised in the Falcon pool, and to challenge each other to a race to the finish!

Falcon Swimmers at the Interschool Swimming Gala 2013 

On Tuesday 22nd October, our Primary swimmers were able to demonstrate their strengths at the Grammar School’s Interschool Gala. All their hard practice in our own pool had paid off, and the team walked away proudly with a number of medals. Congratulations to all who took part and swam so well!

Primary Hospitality Club 

The members of the Hospitality Club have been creating their own placemats with an Autumn theme, and working on producing Recipe Books for when they invite their friends and family round for a celebration!

Primary Trip to Platania 

The Primary Department made their annual autumnal excursion to Platania for a morning in the woods. Teachers, children and some helpful parents, whose support is always appreciated, explored the area and enjoyed the wonderful October weather in the Troodos mountains.

Primary Water Sports 

The Water Sports Club have been making the most of the warm autumn weather to demonstrate their swimming skills. They had great fun in the pyjama race organized by Mrs Ioannou and Mrs Kirrane.

Back to School 2013 

The new School year started with an assembly in the Theatre which is now usable although still in the process of renovation. Students remembered Mr Ierides, whose funeral had recently taken place, and then met their new Form Tutors, before starting lessons.

The GCE A level and IGCSE results, announced in August, had once again been excellent. 10% of Falcon students had received all A* and A grades in the subjects they had taken, and last year’s 7th formers were heading off to prestigious Universities in the UK and America.

Presidential Elections 2013 

Campaigning for the election of this year’s Student Council President got underway, with three Class Representative candidates running for office. There were various good-humoured and imaginative campaign events. After some motivational and inspiring speeches, Falcon students elected Panayiotis Papakyprianou as this year’s President. Congratulations, Pan!

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme 

Dale Esau of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme visited the School recently to explain how the Scheme works to potential participants. Every year, many Falcon students participate in the Scheme. Dale returned a couple of weeks later to present Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards to a large number of students who had successfully completed the requirements of Community Service, Sports, Interests and Activities and the high profile Expedition. Congratulations to all of them!

Falcon Quiz Evening 

Falcon students, parents and teachers once again got together for an evening of intellectual challenge around the Swimming Pool. After 6 rounds of brain-teasing questions, interspersed with refreshments provided by the Parents Committee, the victorious team was the Primary Teachers, closely followed by the reigning Parents team champions.

Falcon at the Strovolos Run – October 2013 

The Falcon School contingent was once again the largest group of runners participating in the Strovolos Run on Independence Day. Students, parents and teachers all took part and received cups and medals for their performance.

Sponsored Swim – October 2103 

Students and teachers spent the afternoon of Friday 4th October swimming lengths in aid of Alkionides Charity. The Parents Committee were on hand as usual to provide refreshments, some of which had been prepared by the ladies at Alkionides.

Falcon Cub Scouts visit Athalassa Park 

The Falcon Cub Scouts with their teachers and parent helpers visited Athalassa Park as part of their activities. After a picnic lunch and some adventurous play, they took a hike through the forest and around the lake, which was surprisingly full for the time of year. Although the bird-watching hide, which was always popular with the Cubs, has disappeared this year, it was a great afternoon out.

Falcon Tennis Team Success 

Congratulations to our Tennis Team who made it to the Finals of the Inter-schools Tennis Tournament. We are very proud of their achievement and the commitment and drive they showed throughout the day. Well done!

Athletic event for Cyprus Independence Day


Falcon School Fitness Open Day



The Falcon school would like to announce a new fitness program at its premises with one and only goal : a healthier you!

Join us for a complete workout as the program includes Zumba, Circuit training and Pilates classes from 8:00 to 9:00 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

A short description of our classes
Zumba is a dance fitness program created by Colombian dancer and choreographer Alberto "Beto" Perez during the 1990s. Zumba involves dance and aerobic elements and is safe for a range of ages and fitness levels because the steps can be modified so that it's very low-impact. And all you need are a good pair of dance shoes or cross-trainers!
Circuit training is a form of body conditioning or resistance training using high-intensity aerobics. It targets strength building and muscular endurance. An exercise "circuit" is one completion of all prescribed exercises in the program. When one circuit is complete, one begins the first exercise again for the next circuit. Traditionally, the time between exercises in circuit training is short, often with rapid movement to the next exercise.
Pilates is a body conditioning routine that may help build flexibility, muscle strength, and endurance in the legs, abdominals, arms, hips, and back. It puts emphasis on spinal and pelvic alignment, breathing, and developing a strong core or center, and improving coordination and balance. The Pilates' system allows for different exercises to be modified in range of difficulty from beginning to advanced. Intensity can be increased over time as the body conditions and adapts to the exercises.
Workout programme







Circuit training



*Classes will not run during the school holidays

Falcon EYP Delegation: September 2013


Falcon Students Dominate the 7th Cyprus National EYP Session
A total of sixteen talented Falcon students and alumni were involved in the 7th Cyprus National session of the European Youth Parliament in Larnaca. The conference took place over 4 days at a range of venues.
In addition to attending International sessions, The Falcon School has been involved in every National session held in Cyprus since the inaugural conference 7 years ago. Year on year Falcon students have increased their involvement: this session they not only participated as newly recruited delegates, but they also served as Organisers, Assembly Chairs, and Journalists, some returning from University abroad in order to take part.

The teachers who accompanied the Falcon delegation speak very highly of the involvement, enthusiasm, and quality of debating and speaking skills shown by all the School’s students. Their successes at EYP crown a most successful summer, since many of them had just received their IGCSE and GCE A level results, adding a clutch of A* and A grades to this year’s impressive performance by Falcon students.
Falcon students, past and present, at the EYP 7th National session.

The holidays for the Academic year 2013-2014 are:


Tuesday , 1st October Cyprus Independence Day
Saturday , 26th October – Tuesday ,29th October Half-Term Holiday (inc. Monday 28th Oct.)
Wednesday, 13th November Holiday- Archbishop Chrysostomos Name Day
Saturday, 21st December -Monday, 6th January Christmas Holidays


Thursday, 30th January Wise Men of Letters
Saturday, 1st March – Sunday 9th March Half Term Holiday
Monday , 3rd March Green Monday
Tuesday, 25th March Greek Independence Day (Strovolos Run)
Tuesday, 1st April Cyprus National Day
Saturday, 12th April – Sunday , 27th April Easter Holidays (Greek Orthodox+ Western)


Thursday, 1st May May Day
Thursday, 29th May Ascension Day
Monday , 9th June Kataklysmos
Saturday, 21st June – Sunday, 7th September Summer Holidays

16th June 2013

Cyprus Mail

Private schools take on crisis by cutting fees

By Maria Gregoriou

AKEL and an association representing parents whose children attend private schools are calling on the government to pressure private schools to reduce their fees by 10 per cent.

Representatives of AKEL and its general secretary Andros Kyprianou met last week with representatives of the Private Schools Parents Association to discuss a number of issues, of which a reduction in tuition fees was top of the list.

“The minister of education should take immediate initiative, just like he did with private universities, and meet with all private school owners and suggest a reduction in fees, which should be around ten per cent,” AKEL’s education office chief, Christos Christofidis told the Sunday Mail.

President of the parents association Stella Kamitsi said that one of the most important matters that the association has focused on lately is that of tuition fees as the economic crisis has made it increasingly difficult for parents to pay for their children’s education.

“We need to be able to regulate this matter urgently and moderate the law on private schools to enable the ministry of education and the state to exercise sufficient control over fee regulations,” she said.

While parents would welcome an across-the-board reduction in fees, government regulations may not be necessary. The vast majority of private schools have been quick to respond to the new economic realities by offering a wide range of discounted fees and cutting costs – largely through a cut in teachers’ salaries.

Among those schools acting proactively is Nicosia’s Falcon School. In its secondary school, for example, fees have been reduced by €650 a year, a saving of almost 10 per cent for some grades. Sibling discounts have also been increased from 10 to 15 per cent for the second child and the discount increases according to how many family members attend.

Parents can now also pay fees in four installments while an extra discount is available for those pay in a lump sum.

“Even though we have reduced our fees we have not increased the class sizes and we never exceed 20 students in a class,” deputy head of school, Anthony Balkwill said.

“Our increased sibling discounts are maintained even after older siblings graduate.” He said cheaper fees were not the only way the school was helping the parents.

“We are also trying to cut down on books, stationery and the use of paper by making the information electronic,” he added.

The English School is offering a seven per cent discount on all classes except sixth and seventh forms.

“The fees for the sixth and seventh class are already low and the cost for the school is more because at these levels the students decide which GCEs they will take and there are fewer students in a class,” chairman Antonis Valanides said.

The Grammar School in Nicosia and Limassol is also offering discounts, mainly for higher classes. Extra discounts are given for parents who pay the fees in a lump sum and for those families with more than one child at the school.

“All private schools are having problems at the moment due to the economic crisis but this does not mean that the standard of the school is slipping. We are doing our best to continue to offer the best standards of education to as many students as possible,” said headmaster of the Grammar School, Andreas Afamis.

The SeniorSchool in Nicosia is offering a €1,000 discount for the first academic year, a 13 per cent discount on a second sibling in the school and a 50 per cent discount for the third sibling.

“There will also be a special offer of a seven per cent discount for the school year 2013-2014,” said chairman of the JuniorSchool and SeniorSchool board Nick Papandreou.

“These are all positive steps that are being taken to sustain the school as we are a non for profit organisation.”

P1 Visit Athalassa Fire Station

On Thursday, 23rd May, P1 visited the Athalassa Fire Station.

The children had the opportunity to talk to the firemen, ask questions, and have a look at the equipment they use. They also inspected the different parts of the Firemen’s special clothing.

Also, the pupils were given the opportunity to try on the parts of the uniform, use the hose and sit in a fire-engine to experience the feeling of being a fireman. Last but not least, they visited the control room where firemen receive calls, and looked at maps of Nicosia, learning how firemen find where people are, and which route they need to follow to reach and help them!

Last Primary Watersports Club of the Year! 

The Watersports Club enjoyed a water battle around the swimming pool to celebrate a whole year’s training and hard work. No one knows who won, but it was a great afternoon!

Falcon InterSchool Track and Field Event 

On Friday 17th May, we were delighted to welcome 5 other local independent Schools to our sports fields to take part in our Track and Field Competition. There were many races, all hotly contested and cheered by the crowds, as well as Field events such as the High Jump and Long Jump competitions.

Our guests all received invitations to join our Summer School and Certificates of Achievement, since the standard of competition was very high. The pictures below give a taste of the morning’s events, but cannot truly capture the excitement and determination of all the competitors.

Handing over the baton in the Girls’ 100m relay
5 Schools joined us for a morning of Athletics
One of the many close-run races

Primary Sports Day - April 2013

The Primary children and their PE teachers prepared a fabulous spectacle of sporting ability on Sports Day this year. All the Flights participated with determination and the will to win as many rosettes as possible!

Romeo Loves Juliet – OK? 

The Secondary Drama Club performed Romeo Loves Juliet – OK? at the University of Nicosia at the end of the spring term. A young, but very capable cast gave a spirited performance of a modern re-invention of the Shakespearean story. Imaginative direction and staging, with some montage sequences reminiscent of pop videos made the “two hour traffic of our stage” fly past. Miss Iacovou, who directed, the cast and a team of hardworking and helpful teachers deserve high praise for this success.

Primary Reception children visit the Riverland Farm 

The children in Reception had a wonderful opportunity to see a working farm in action, when the owners of Riverland Farm welcomed them for the morning. They saw animals and plants, all raised and grown organically, and were able to ask the farmers lots of questions!

Primary Mothers Day Assembly 

The Primary children invited all their parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, but especially their mothers to our annual Mothers Day Assembly. Each class prepared a tribute to mothers in general, and then invited their own mothers back to their classrooms for a special surprise!

Primary Water Sports Recycled Raft Challenge

Our Primary Water Sports Club challenged each other to build the fastest raft entirely of recycled materials. Position in the pool made a big difference allowing some of the rafts to speed across!

Ready to race the recycled rafts  

Falcon “Flyers” at the Strovolos Run 2013

A huge contingent of Falcon School runners turned out for the annual Strovolos Run this March. Students, parents and teachers all participated, and many won medals in their category.

Congratulations to all those who took part and did so well!

Just some of the Falcon Runners Christina MacKinder receives her cup
Ready for the off!

Falcon Infant Cookery Club visit Pizza Hut.

KG learn about different means of transport.

Falcon Quiz Evening

The Falcon School welcomed parents, students, teachers and alumni at the Quiz Evening which took place on Thursday 28th March. Refreshments were provided by the Parents Association and a generous contribution of wine from the Dafermou winery.

The winning team, a group of six parents and former students of the School, received 20 euro book tokens, donated by the Academic and General Bookshop of Larnaca. In a fine gesture of generosity, the team members immediately donated their prizes to the School Library.

The Quiz Evening was a resounding success, and we intend to make this a regular fixture in our busy calendar of events.

Falcon at the 25th March Parade

The Falcon School looked on with pride as our students took part in the 25th March Parade in Nicosia. The smartly dressed marchers were accompanied by our talented and highly disciplined Band, setting a standard of excellence which was admired by the watching crowds.

InterSchool Sports Day 

Falcon School Primary Choir at School for the Blind

Our Primary School Choir will be singing at the School for the Blind’s Fayre on Sunday 7th April at 4.30 pm.

They have been working very enthusiastically with their teachers to prepare a programme of entertaining and uplifting songs for the occasion. They are looking forward to seeing as many Falcon friends and families supporting them at the Fayre.

Falcon Primary Carnival Slideshow

Falcon Book Days Video Slideshow

Falcon at the Pan-Nicosia Games

Our sportsmen and women participated against students from all over Nicosia at the Pan-Nicosia Games at the GSP Stadium.

Representing Falcon were:

Our school's representatives were:

Marina McKinder Pole vault
Chrysostomos Petrou High Jump
Andreas Kazamias 200m
Phanos Epiphaniou 200m
Harsh Hemrajani 800m
Katerina Evgeniou Shot

Marina Mackinder deserves the highest praise for her Gold Medal in her event!

Making Crepes in French

P5 and P6 practised their linguistic and culinary skills at the same time, as they made delicious crepes as part of their French lessons on Carnival Day.

Falcon Book Days 2013

Our School celebrated World Book Day with a three day exhibition of books by Academic and General Bookshop of Larnaca, the launch of our School Cookbook “The Falcon Family Feast”, and the Falcon Reading Tree display in the lobby, decorated with ‘book leaves’ by every member of the Primary Department.

The entire School had the opportunity to browse the exhibition, and showed as much enthusiasm for the world of books as they have done each year since we began our Book Days celebrations. Academic and General very generously donated 20 euro Book Tokens for the child in each class whose leaf was most eye-catching and effective. All the children in KG and PR received a book each.

It is always heartening to see the interest our students, teachers and parents show in books, and we feel that we are achieving success in our aim of promoting a culture of reading throughout our School.

The Falcon Reading Tree PR receive their gifts from Jason and Zoe
P6 children browse the exhibition by Academic and General Bookshop The Falcon School Cookbook

Falcon at the Aglantzia Carnival Parade

Falcon Primary Students visit Da Vinci Exhibition

Our Primary 5 class visited the recent Da Vinci exhibition to experience first-hand the inventions of the great Renaissance Man, and to add to their understanding of this period in History.

Falcon at the Aglantzia Carnival

Falcon Life Savers Success!

All our young Falcon Life Savers passed their Foundation Level theory and practical exams. Congratulations to all of them for their hard work and dedication over the past few months!

Success and Certificates! After the Practical Exam
Resuscitation Practice

Cambridge High Achievers 2013

Falcon Primary Artists

As part of their Art classes, Falcon primary pupils study atists and Art movements. Recently, P1 have been looking at the work of Van Gogh, Pop Art and Still Life. They proudly showed their work to Mr Balkwill, and explained that their next project is inspired by the work of Edgar Degas. They will be working with the young ballerinas in their class, and sketching from life just like Degas did.

P1 and Pop Art Fruit P1’s Still Life
P1 and Van Gogh’s Sunflowers

Falcon High Achievers in Cambridge IGCSE Exams

Two of our highly talented students received Cambridge High Achiever Awards at a ceremony hosted by the British Council on Friday 1st March. Andria Theodoulou received her award for the highest score nationally in Music, while Sarah John had the highest national score in ICT.

They both deserve the warmest congratulations and highest praise of their fellow students and their teachers.

Secondary Historians visit Da Vinci Exhibition in Limassol

A group of enthusiastic historians and their teachers visited Limassol to see an exhibition of Da Vinci’s machines and some of his paintings. As part of the 3rd year History syllabus, Falcon students study the Renaissance, so this was a wonderful opportunity to see the ideas and inventions recreated and in action.

Falcon Sports Triumph!

Our Falcon Athletes participated in the Grammar School’s InterSchool Track and Field Meeting on the morning of Thursday 28th February. They all deserve the highest praise for their outstanding all-round performance.

They have brought great honour to our School, and we are all very proud of their fantastic achievements.




Boys 150m George Demetriades 1st
Boys 300m Stylianos Demosthenous 1st
Boys 1000m Andrianos Souroullas 1st
Boys High Jump Constantinos Angastiniotis 3rd
Boys Relay 4x100m George Demetriades

Alexandros Agrotis

Stylianos Demosthenous

Phedias Demosthenous
Girls 80m Maria Codrou 3rd
Girls 150m Stephanie Georgiou 1st
Girls 600m Carolina Avraamidou 1st
Girls 100m Hurdles Stavri Tapakki

Maria Shipillis

Girls High Jump Katerina Xanthou 1st
Girls Relay 4x100m Carolina Avraamidou

Antheia Panayiotou

Stavri Tapakki

Maria Codrou


Falcon School Primary Department Charity Food Collection
On 25th February, Mrs Georgia Polyviou, President of the local charity Alkionides, visited the Falcon Infant Department to collect the food parcels donated by Falcon pupils and families. The students had the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the problems facing local Cypriot families. They were surprised to hear that there are families in need of food in Cyprus and expressed a willingness to continue helping Alkionides in the future.


P1: The Sound of Music

Prospective Students and Parents Evening
February 2013

On the evening of Friday 22nd February, we welcomed prospective students to come and experience the world of the Secondary Department. Moving to a Secondary School is an important step in the educational career of any student, so next year’s prospective intake had the opportunity to see the kind of exciting, inspiring work we do at the Falcon.

Current students addressed the audience of parents and children who are completing their final year at Primary School, and entertainment was provided by our talented Jazz Trio, Panayiotis, Tim and Marcus. Refreshments were provided by the Falcon School Parents and Guardians Association.

Watch the Jazz Trio on our Falcon YouTube Channel:

History Art
English Literature Prospective Students
and Parents



Science Biology

Falcon School Jazz Trio

Falcon Delegates at Model United Nations

EYP Active Ageing

Model United Nations: 8th – 10th February 2013

Falcon students once again shone at the Mediterranean Model United Nations, which took place at the European University this weekend. For the eighth consecutive year since the inception of MediMUN, the Falcon has played a leading role in the conference, sending delegations of highly committed participants, who were very well prepared for the cut and thrust of debate.

They all deserve our congratulations and the highest praise for their achievements over the three days.

Falcon School Students Win Poetry Contest 

Two students of the Falcon School won prizes in a recent Poetry Writing Competition hosted by the Grammar School, Nicosia.

Androulla Angastionitis received the prize for her poem in Greek, while Rawan Magdi gained her award for her poem in English. The awards were made at a ceremony at the European University on Monday 28th January. The prize winners and a group of their classmates attended poetry workshops led by contemporary Cypriot poets. All the Falcon School students who had entered poems in the competition received certificates of participation.

Here are their winning poems:

About a Girl

In her dream, she was a figure dancing away to timeless beauty.

Her ashen face illuminated, scattering the shadows of disillusion.

But when the silvery night of stars grew silent,

Crimson roses fell to the ground.

Their vibrancy faded, each petal crinkling with constraint.

Her slender, poised arms unfurled monstrously,

Enveloping the exhausted eyes of her skull.

Frayed were her threads,

Clenched by unforgiving ivories on a cracked head.

Trapped in her reverie, she soon realized;

Her hopes would always be pierced with holes.

Η Έμπνευσή μου


στα μονοπάτια του ονείρου,

στις λεωφόρους της νύχτας,

στα τελευταία χνάρια

μιας πονεμένης καρδιάς,

κόκκινη φλόγα με καίει

πυρετός της ψυχής μου,

την ώρα που απομνημόνευα

το αλφάβητο της σιωπής των αστεριών,

σε βρήκα...

Χτύποι τρελοί της καρδιάς

καθώς σε είδα,

γλυκά μου όνειρα...

Στα κρυφά μονομάτια

και στις λεωφόρους της νύχτας

σε βρήκα

χαμένη μου αγάπη,

μου πήρες τη ψυχή

μες στα δυο σου τα χέρια.

Έμπνευση καρδιάς,

έμπνευση του κάθε ποιητή,

η μουσική...

Η μουσική μιας ποίησης,

της ποίησης της καρδιάς μου...

Falcon Scientists in the Community

A group of 7th form Falcon scientists have been busy visiting the Karaiskakeion Research Institute, as well as making a donation on behalf of the whole School to the Charity Challenges 4 Life. Two of them even managed to find time to stop off and give blood on the way!

4th Form EYP Active Ageing Project

As part of their English Language syllabus, the 4th year IGCSE students prepared and staged an Active Ageing event. They invited parents and grandparents to take part in a number of well-thought-out activities, designed to bridge the generation gap. All the participants, young and not-so-young enjoyed the morning, which the students and their teachers had worked very hard to organize.

European Youth Parliament Activities: January 2013

As part of the 5th Form English Language syllabus, all Falcon students participate in an EYP activity. Students draft resolutions in class, finalise them for homework, and debate them in a plenary session, chaired by senior students who have had experience of EYP sessions themselves.

This year’s 5th Formers produced some excellent resolutions and took part in some impassioned debates and discussions.